Most everyone has a talent -- a specialty, if you will. We're fortunate that among our staff we have many varied talents. Meir Weingarten's special talents include a deep love and knowledge of the State of Israel. We all played our own roles on this excursion -- but without Meir, it never would have happened at all.  Another of his special talents is being a true friend to all of us. Without that, the trip would not have meant as much. 

Meir, Thank You.

Nachum, Mark, Mattes, Mayer and Robert

Five days never flew by so quickly, yet seemed to last so long. The JM in the AM Jerusalem mission is over.  Below, some thoughts and impressions from the staff.  Also, look toward the bottom of the page for photo essays of our trip. Photos by Mayer Fertig, Mark Zomick, Robert Katz and various helpful passersby.  Mayer Fertig wrote the accompanying copy. Web design and production by Mark Zomick. 

We would like to thank:

The Sheraton Jerusalem Plaza Hotel (photo below- (  300 rooms, 28 suites, all located across the street from the Great Synagogue, minutes from Ben Yehudah. Four restaurants, lounge with entertainment, 24-hour room service, outdoor heated pool, shops and cable TV. One of Israel's premiere hotels.

Sixt Car Rental: ( Sixt has cars and vans of all types, with office at Ben Gurion Airport, in Jerusalem and in many cities across Europe. Sixt moved JM in the AM around Israel in comfort in a large VW van.  

Thanks to Stacy and Robbie Zeitz of Brooklyn for loaning us their video camera. We didn't actually shoot a minute of video with it. Instead we were delighted to learn it could also be used to shoot beautiful digital still photos.   

Hoffy's Electronics.. 5215 13th Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. 718-633-4000. JM in the AM thanks them for all the equipment and assistance they provided for our trip.

  The whole gang at Ariel Tours.

  The Vatikin crowd at the Kotel.

Extra special thanks to Staci, Rachelle, Caryn, Chani, Renee and Leah Malka, who "went along" with this from the start. Let's also not forget Aryeh, Eli, Binyamin, Jason, Shoshana, Leora, Joey, Leora, Adam, Chava, Yosef, Yehoshua, David, and Yonina who did not object to their Dads' being gone for a few days.

Wednesday/Thursday February 9-10, 2000 Travel from NY to Israel and arrival at the Sheraton Jerusalem Plaza Hotel.

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Mark on the Aish Hatorah Kotel Camera (Lower right) Photo by Rachelle Zomick

Pictures from the Sheraton Plaza Hotel
Friday February 11, 2000. The Kotel, The Tunnels, Jerusalem.

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Shabbos February 12, 2000. Shabbos in Yerushalayim.

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Sunday February 13, 2000. Trip to Judea & Samaria

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Monday February 14, 2000. Trip to Ir David. Travel from Israel to NY.

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