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In 1977 Jewish Radio pioneer Larry Gordon approached WFMU with an idea to bring Jewish programming to their station. In October of that year he began hosting The Hebrew and Jewish program (7-9 am) every weekday morning. Quickly, Larry brought in people to "assist" him in delivering the best possible show. Under Larry's leadership Rabbi Yudin made his debut on Fridays. During Larry's couple of years at WFMU he introduced "Dr. Zal". Dr. Zal delivered a weather report at 7:30am each day. Dr. Zal turned out to be Zalman Umlas who ultimately replaced Gordon as the host. Zalman introduced the audience to Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser's Morning Chizuk, figuring if not giving listeners warning about what to expect outside their homes he would help them learn what to expect inside their hearts.


Moishie London a.k.a. Moishie in the Morning, who followed Umlas, was followed by YU basketball legend Dave Kufeld in quick succession. 


In 1983 Norman Laster, contacted Larry Wachsman (Director of Student Activities at Yeshiva College) to inquire if he knew of any young man at Yeshiva that could take over the show and help stabilize it following Kufeld's departure.


Larry immediately thought of, and contacted Nachum Segal, who had just taken over as General manager at Yeshiva's radio station WYUR and who Larry knew from his days as a the winning Color War General in Camp Morasha. The next day, Erev Rosh Hashana 1983, Nachum hosted his first show at WFMU. The show ran from 7:00-9:00am M-F. This move made Nachum's mother very happy. Since Nachum's parents lived so close to the station he spent more nights at home than in his dorm room at YU. During Nachum's first fundraising marathon in 1984 the show raised $19,000.


Soon after Nachum joined the show Chaim Konig and Mark Zomick joined the staff as well as the primary back-up hosts and Regesh's "Modeh Ani" became the show's theme song. In the "olden days", before WFMU broadcast 24 hours a day, the host of teh show used to have to turn on the transmitter each day. A task that always worried Nachum during the winter months when the unused transmitter would freeze overnight.


In 1985 the show, now renamed JM in the AM, expanded one-half an hour to begin at 6:30am. It is also around 1985 where Mark and Nachum begin discussing a revamped more "organized" marathon. In 1986 Mark discovered the computer and along with Nachum designed the first JM in the AM bumper sticker (gallery below). Over the years the staff has generated some creative and interesting ideas to help entertain the listeners "off-the-air".

1986 & 1987. 

In 1992 the show expands to 6am bring it to its current 6-9 format. This allows the program to compete head-to-head with morning radio shows that are broadcast at the same time. It also gives the early risers something to tune in to. Also in 1992, Nachum, Mark, and Mattes Weingast (and their small but growing families) head up to the Homowack Hotel for the first of many Thanksgiving Weekend broadcasts.

1988. Designed by MZ and executed by Bruce Cohen 


In 1995 in an effort to expand the "scope" of the program, Nachum embarks on an effort to change the name of the show from Jewish "Music" in the Morning to something else- without altering the "nickname" of the show from JM in the AM. This project culminated with a 30 minute on air discussion with Mark Zomick, which solicited listener suggestions for "M" words. As Nachum asked listeners for their help he made it clear that the suggestions should NOT include "Mishugass". Of course 50% of the suggestions were "Mishugass". The pair finally settled on Jewish Moments in the Morning. The name the program uses today.


In 1997 the show, that was "heard exclusively on WFMU" now expands, to add another radio station. WFMU purchased WXHD in Mount Hope, New York and JM in the AM is heard throughout the Catskill Mountain Region of the state.


In 1998 the show expanded its listener base to a worldwide audience as it begins broadcasting live on the world wide web. The show can be heard live each day at But if you are reading this you already know that. 1998 also saw the first publication of the JM Journal. A newsletter used to keep up listeners on the off-air goings on.


1999 saw the hours expand to 24 as the show is now available in archive format on the internet site. But again, if you are reading this you already know that.


 1991 & 1992

 1993/4 & 1995/6



The program's connection to Israel and the worldwide Jewish community in never more evident then through the Community Calendar. This feature, which airs daily, informs the listening public about events of interest. Many people have contacted the program to thank Nachum for announcing their events since they can track their success back to the show.


Throughout the show's history, Nachum and Meir Weingarten have made numerous trips to Israel to report on the goings on in the Jewish state. 2000 was a very exciting for the JM staff and its listeners as Nachum, Mark, Mattes, Mayer, Robert, and Meir made a trip to Israel. For Mark it was his first trip in over 30 years. For Mattes it was his first trip ever! It was an exciting and emotional trip as "the boys" visited the tunnels under the Kotel and took a tour of Chevron. (Read all about the trip and see photos on our Jerusalem Mission Page.)


As you know WFMU/WXHD are listener sponsored stations. The stations and the programs are supported through the generous donations of their listeners. No underwriting or corporate donations are accepted by the stations. During JM in the AM's first fundraiser in 1983 we raised $19,000. In 2001 the listeners contributed an astonishing $200,000.


The show owes its continued success to the great financial support of the listeners as well as the encouragement of Ken Freedman, now the station manager of WFMU.