Welcome to the J-Mishpacha page. On this page you can learn about our "extended staff family"


Rabbi Benjamin Yudin: Rabbi Yudin has been the leader of the Fair Lawn, New Jersey Orthodox Community for over 30 years. He and his wife Shevy have served as the spiritual center for Congregation Shomrei Torah. For many years they actually lived in the same building as the shul (now they live across the street- its the shul that moved to a larger location). While serving as the shul's full time "morah d'asrah" Rabbi Yudin also serves as a professor of Talmud at the James Striar School at Yeshiva University as well as playing an active roll in the important Rabbinical Council of Bergen County. Recently Rabbi Yudin was asked to write the introduction of the New Artscroll Linear Siddur.

Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser: Bringing us Morning Chizuk for more than 20 years, Rabbi Goldwasser predates Nachum on the program. Rabbi Goldwasser lives with his family in Brooklyn where he is the spiritual leader of Khal Beis Yitzchok.  Rabbi Goldwasser is also the world renowned author of "It Happened in Heaven", a series of inspirational essays, and "Something to Say", which features timely divrey torah on the weekly parsha.

Norman Laster: As the host of The Neshoma Show, heard on Friday mornings, Norm is credited with saving the program during its early years. He was instrumental in working with then Upsala College acting dean Dr. Rhoda Freeman obm in keeping the program on the air. Norman also hosts two radio shows on WFDU (89.1fm), which air on Sundays- Sounds of a People (10am) and Dialogue (11am).

The Strassmans: Alfred "Buddy" and Hilda Strassman travel the country to spread the word about JM in the AM. Okay, maybe they travel to see the country and put miles on their R/V but they do spread the word anyway. Their summer travels are well know but the staff really appreciate their instrumental roles behind the scenes during the fundraising marathon. Each year they take more and more work upon themselves to make the marathon run as smoothly as possible- from picking up breakfast to running the kitchen to entering each and every pledge into the WFMU computer system. To see our memorial page for Mrs. Strassman click here.

"Chaim Tuvya" Howard T. Konig: While no one knows what the T stands for, Howard, or Chaim as he was known on the air was instrumental in the early days of the program. In many ways he was responsible for involving Mark in the show. By bringing him along during an early marathon and sitting in for the summers so Nachum could work at Camp Morasha. HTK left the confines of the Big Apple in 1988 for the greener pastures of the motor city where he became a Senior Vice President at Doner Advertising in Detroit. He recently moved to Boca Raton, Florida where he serves as the Executive Vice President/ Media Director for a large advertising agency.

Rabbi Elchanan Weinbach: A famous name from Camp Lavi, Rabbi Weinbach first became associated with Nachum back during their days in Yeshiva. He is currently the principal of the Rabbi Teitz Misifta High School in Elizabeth (following in his fathers footsteps- Rabbi Weinbach Sr. was the Principal of both MTA and Manhattan Central for many years) as well as being Director of the National Council of Young Israel's New Jersey Region.